Why Move to the West Coast of Florida Instead of the East Coast


Why Move to the West Coast of Florida Instead of the East Coast

July 20, 2023

The choice of living on Florida’s Atlantic coast vs. Florida’s Gulf coast is an easy one to make! Here is why Florida’s Paradise Coast will always reign supreme:

Fewer Tourists, More Community

Florida’s east coast sits along some of the USA’s busiest cruise and cargo routes. Not only do Atlantic coast residents always have a beach view obscured by cargo ships and cruise ships but the tourists coming off cruise boats often inundate the area’s towns and cities during the day. On the other hand, Florida’s west coast is more focused on community. Luxury real estate is less about meeting the demands of incoming tourists and more about building a vibrant community among residents. This means you’ll find gorgeous luxury homes on Florida’s Paradise Coast that come with luxurious amenities, community-centered events, and the utmost privacy.

Calm Waters and Relaxing Vibes

The party scene and rough surfing waters of Florida’s East Coast absolutely have their allure. However, when it comes to calling somewhere home— the calm waters and relaxing vibes of Florida’s West Coast make it a far more lovely place to settle in. The calm Gulf of Mexico waters make the water ideal for swimming year round and the crystal white sands mean the west coast beaches don’t get nearly as hot as their east coast counterparts in the summer.

Culture and History

While Florida’s east coast may be home to glitz and glamor, it is Florida’s west coast that lays claim to being “Florida’s Cultural Coast.” As well as the cultural powerhouse that is Sarasota, Florida’s west coast also boasts cultural and historical beauty in many other cities and towns. For example, Old Naples has a history dating back to the 1880s and many of the historic homes in the area are available to visit or buy.

To learn more about the history, culture, and available properties in Naples and Florida’s West Coast, take a tour with Realtor Annie Hagstrom. Annie loves providing clients with the information they need to buy a gorgeous, luxury property on Florida’s paradise coast. Contact Annie today to be properly introduced to the calm waters, relaxing lifestyle, and beautiful culture of Florida’s west coast. We look forward to seeing you here soon!

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