What to Know About the Naples Luxury Real Estate Market

If you are interested in purchasing new Naples luxury real estate in Naples, Florida, there are a few things you should be aware of first. Learn more about the neighborhoods and communities to begin your search in, understand the future of the Naples luxury real estate market, and find out how to contact a reliable realtor using our tips below:

Naples FL: Naples Luxury Real Estates’ Most Sought After Neighborhoods

Naples is a gorgeous area to live in but not all areas of Naples are created equally! As you look for new Naples luxury real estate in Naples, Florida— ensure you are parsing properties in the best neighborhoods. The Naples Gulf Coast Realty boasts luxury real estate properties in over 15 of the most sought after communities in Naples. On the Communities page of the website, you’ll find a description of each neighborhood and information about what makes it unique.  Browse through each community, see specific listings in each neighborhood, and get a feel of what neighborhoods best match your lifestyle.  You’ll find fabulous amenities, such as exclusive golf course memberships, private beach access, and stunning oceanfront views with the properties listed on the Naples Gulf Coast Realty website. Have a question about an amenity or which neighborhoods are best to live on based on your favorite activities and hobbies? Give Realtor Annie Hagstrom a call for more in-depth information.

Annie Hagstroom What to Know About the Naples Luxury Real Estate Market
A Safe Investment: New Naples Luxury Real Estate in Naples Florida

As the real estate market ebbs and flows, Naples is a great place to own property, whether you plan on living in Naples full-time or adding a luxury home in the area to your existing portfolio. Hurricane Ian didn’t upset the resilience of Naples’ housing market or have a sizable effect on the luxury real estate market. Furthermore, Naples is expected to nearly double in the next 40 years. This means if you ever choose to sell your home, you will have no issue doing so.  Especially considering this growth is projected to bring more wealth into the city and provide a huge boost to personal income per capita. With nothing but growth expected in Naples, this community is one of the hottest places on the market to buy and prices will only continue to rise.

Annie Hagstroom What to Know About the Naples Luxury Real Estate Market
Making The Plunge into Purchasing Naples Luxury Real Estate: Naples FL Realtors You Can Trust

Realtor Annie Hagstrom offers unmatched insight into the Naples luxury real estate market. Her expert knowledge and keen eye for detail allows her to match clients with the best luxury property for their current and future needs. Annie has won multiple awards for her real estate knowledge and was recently featured as a finalist in HGTV’s “Ultimate House Hunt.” Not only does Annie understand the market, she understands her clients—carefully listening to their needs and matching them with their dream properties. Contact Annie to learn more about how she can help you navigate the Naples luxury real estate market and find you your dream home in no time.


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