How to Explore Naples Like a Local

Wyndemere Golf Course

How to Explore Naples Like a Local

October 19, 2022

Naples is full of vibrant events, world-class golf opportunities, waterway adventures, and incredible communities! Here is how to enjoy all that Naples has to offer like a true local would!

Attend The Year’s Biggest Events

Naples is home to some absolutely dazzling events throughout the year that bring together newcomers and long-time locals alike. The area boasts three fabulous seafood festivals, top-rated art shows, stunning holiday events, and even an international film festival! To learn more about all the fantastic special events Naples has to offer, visit the Paradise Coast website. Alternatively, you can also reach out to your trusted luxury realtor, Annie Hagstrom, to learn more about her favorites and which events Naples locals rave about!

Explore the Naples Area via the Waterways

Much of Naples’ natural beauty can’t be explored by foot or by car— you need a boat to get there! Exploring the Naples waterways is a favorite local pastime. Each local has their own opinion on the best fishing holes, most beautiful hidden beaches, and the best waterways to avoid the crowds. While it may take a while as a newcomer to learn the local secrets, luxury realtor Annie Hagstrom loves to share a few of her favorite spots with clients as a welcoming gift.

Take A Swing At All The Naples Area Golf Courses

Golf is the fabric that intertwines almost all Naples residents! Wherever you go, you’ll hear about this “back 9”, those “stunning courses,” and a variety of “best birdie” stories. Everyone has their own opinion on which of the world-class golf courses in Naples is the best, and a fabulous way to get involved with the local golf banter is to explore as many courses as you can. In no time, you’ll be getting in friendly arguments with long-time residents about the best holes, grass, and views at various Naples courses!

 Join A Vibrant and Exclusive Community

Exploring Naples begins as discovering the incredible luxury neighborhoods and luxury homes for sale in Naples for most of Annie Hagstrom’s clients. Touring luxury properties and experiencing top-of-the-line amenities in Naples is a fantastic way to get to know the community you are on your way to become a part of. If you are interested in exploring all that the luxury home market in Naples has to offer, contact Annie Hagstrom online, via email, or by phone. Annie looks forward to helping you explore Naples like a local!

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