About Millionaire’s Row in Naples, FL

Millionaire’s Row

About Millionaire’s Row in Naples, FL

July 10, 2023

Have you heard of Millionaire’s Row in Naples before? Here’s what you need to know about this trendy area, where it’s located, how it got its name, and the properties available for sale here:

Where is Millionaires’ Row?

Better seen from the water than the road, Millionaires’ Row refers to the row of houses next to the Naples Pier in Old Naples. More specifically, these are the homes on Gordon Drive. These gorgeous homes are on prominent display for anyone walking the beach by the Naples Pier and can be seen beautifully by boat just offshore as well. While you can get a glimpse of these properties from Gordon Drive, we recommend viewing them from the beach side to see their full splendor.

What is the History Behind Millionaires’ Row?

Millionaire’s Row is one of the oldest areas in Naples. In fact, the history of Millionaires’ Row begins with the founding of the city in 1886. Shortly after the city’s creation, famous names (such as President Grover Cleveland’s sister, Rose) began purchasing property in the area now known as Millionaires’ Row. It’s no exaggeration to say this name has always been an accurate description of the clientele it attracts.

What Neighborhoods Are Part of Millionaires’ Row in Naples?

The two main neighborhoods included within Millionaires’ Row are Port Royal and Old Naples. These two neighborhoods boast some of the most sought-after homes in the area and are home to celebrities and CEOs alike. Here’s a look at each neighborhood:

Port Royal

Port Royal sits along stunning deep-water canals and prime Gulf beachfront and homeownership here includes automatic membership into the Port Royal Club. You can find information about Port Royal and explore properties for sale in this area of Millionaires’ Row here.

Old Naples

Old Naples offers something different than any other neighborhood in the area. Its old-world charm with stunning historic beauty makes it the perfect match for any history lover or reminiscer. Additionally, the varied housing makes it one of the most unique areas to live in Naples. This area contains both adorable old beach cottages and sprawling mansions! Discover what makes Old Naples so special and view properties for sale in the area here.


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