Tips for Hosting Happy Hour at Home

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Tips for Hosting Happy Hour at Home

April 3, 2023

Happy hour isn’t just for the bars— at home, happy hours can be a fabulous way to get together with friends in the evenings as well. Here are a few tips to consider when hosting your own happy hour at home:

Consider A Theme

A theme for your at-home happy hour can be anything from intricate and unique to elegant and simple. However, a theme is an important part of keeping cohesion throughout your event. For example, even a theme as simple as “black and gold” can help you with deciding on decor as well as drink and food choices to match.

Send Out Invites

Providing plenty of heads-up for your at-home happy hour results in more friends being able to attend! Invites are also a great way to let people know about your theme, dress code, and added details.

Offer A Variety of Drink Options

You may have the perfect drink in mind that fits your happy hour theme, however, make sure to have other drinks available other than your signature cocktail at the happy hour party. Have a variety of hard alcohols and mixers ready to go or consider hiring a bartender to mix up any drink your guests can imagine! Additionally, you’ll want to consider at least a few fun non-alcoholic options.

Cater A Grazing Table

Grazing tables are the hot new Hors D’oeuvre option for happy hour and a variety of other party types! Ordering a grazing table for your happy hour party will give your guests plenty of options and variety to snack upon as you enjoy your time together. If you are curious about the best grazing table catering services to use in the Naples area, Annie would be happy to give a recommendation or two!


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