2023 Luxury Interior Design Trends

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2023 Luxury Interior Design Trends

November 15, 2022

As 2023 approaches, make sure you are up to date with the latest luxury design trends for the year! Here are a few of the most popular and upcoming trends for 2023, as well as contacts you can use to learn more about incorporating these trends into your Southwest Florida home.


Wellness and Self-Care Amenities

In 2023, a healthy lifestyle is all about self-care. One of the largest luxury design trends this upcoming year is going to be showing a commitment to wellness through self-care designs and amenities. That includes designs that encourage us to practice mindfulness and produce a sense of calm. It also means the addition of game rooms, spa rooms, and exercise spaces to promote becoming the best versions of ourselves.


Unique and Original Patterns

Every angle and space in your home should be photo worthy— and in 2023, photo worthy means fun, original, and bold patterns! We’re talking about beautiful murals and wallpapers, with rich fabrics, and unique textures livening up your decor. Floral fractals are one gorgeous example of types of wallpapers that are sure to ‘bloom’ in 2023.


Nature Inspired Looks

Biophilia is a luxury design trend that is sure to continue into 2023, with plants and greenery being a must for any interior or exterior space. Greenery is not only decorative, but it gives an environmentally friendly feel to a space. Bohemian textures like terracotta, rattan, and wood pair beautifully with a nature inspired look.


Exploring the Latest Interior Design Trends in SWFL

To learn more about the latest luxury design trends, especially those specific to Southwest Florida, local realtor Annie Hagstrom can help! Not only does Annie have recommendations for interior designers in the area but she is also aware of many of the latest and greatest luxury design trends herself! For more information about how Annie can help you find the luxury home of your dreams and outfit it with the best luxury design trends of 2023, contact Naples Gulf Coast Realty.


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